Pine bookcase from shabby to chic

IMG_8520I had this bookcase for while and was planing to up-cycle, but was always leaving behind. In a Sunday afternoon while my husband was fixing a few things around the house, I decided was time to do it. I thought, it’s now or never.


The top was cracked when I’ve got it from a Freecycler and whoever did the job, tried their best, I believe, but the result wasn’t quite the way I wanted. So I had to unglue the 2 pieces of wood and glue it again, then fill the gap with wood filler, sanded down, before I start painting.

I didn’t want to spend much time on this bookcase, so I went for the fastest route. I didn’t sanded down the rest of the bookcase, only the top. Then I’ve removed the 2 removable shelves (the middle one was fixed), and the top was already removed.


I’ve gave one coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen on the frame inside and out, and a coat of Graphite on the inside back panel and the fixed shelf. I finished with clear wax in almost the entire piece except the fixed shelf which I’ve finished with a coat of lacquer for more durability. I’ve also gave a light sand on corners and edges for a distressed look. IMG_8530

With 2 years working with furniture up-cycling I’ve found out that applying wax with a round brush is easier than applying with a cloth, and the result is way better.

The 2 removable shelves I’ve decide to leave in natural wood, for a bit of warm touch, and applied a coat of dark walnut wax for a darker tone than pine.


Than I’ve stylised with vintage old books and a bit of texture with wooden boxes, wicker baskets, glassware and lanterns with candle and sand. That’s it, a job made in one afternoon and one morning.

It doesn’t matter what size of furniture I’m working, even if it’s small and I can finished in the same day, like this bookcase, but I always finish the furniture on the following day. I like to leave the paint to dry overnight, even with a paint that dries quite fast, like Annie Sloan. I like to let the paint settle well on the wood before applying the wax or lacquer.

Small retro cabinet in 3 shades of grey

IMG_8207When I saw this small office cabinet on Freecycle, I knew that I could transform into a stylish retro cabinet for home use. So here is what I have done.

First I’ve painted the inside in 3 shades of grey from Farrow & Ball, Mole’s breath, Lamp room grey and Skylight.

Then, I’ve refinished the outside with Sadolin Interior stain in Teak, after I’ve have lighted sanded the top and sides of the unit.


Then, I’ve decided to give a bit of colour by adding yellow to the internal shelf with Farrow & Ball Babouche.

And to finalize the work, I’ve bought from eBay a set of original vintage dansette legs, which I’ve also painted in yellow Babouche to replace the old, boring metal legs.


The final result was a very stylish retro cabinet, that can bring some colour, fun and storage to any room in a home.


London map table

After a couple of weeks thinking what I would do with this table, I finally decided to apply some decoupage on the top using a London Map and the rest was painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Provence and finished with dark wax for an aged look.

A very easy project that took me 2 days to finish including 2 coats of Lacquer by Annie Sloan on the top to protect and seal the map in a matt finishing.

Pine Welsh Dresser


This dresser was in very good condition when I’ve got it, apart from the drawers that needed new stoppers and the top with some deep scratches that I had to sand it down to remove them a bit. They weren’t removed completely but it’s much better than before.

Then I’ve painted the base of the dresser and the side of the top in Annie Sloan CP ‘French Linen’, the back panel of the top in ‘Graphite’ and finished with clear wax.

The top of the base received one coat of gel wax in antique pine and one coat in walnut to give it some richness and a vintage look. The shelves of the top part received just one coat of gel wax in walnut.

A bit of painting can transform an old furniture bringing in some character and style. There is no need to get rid off of furniture just because it doesn’t fit a new decor. Painting an used furniture gives a new lease of life and doesn’t break the bank.

Modern style with a vintage look

I’ve have painted many different pieces of furniture from Stag Minstrel furniture maker and always make a huge success with my customers.

The greatest factors about Stag Minstrel that makes them so desirable these days are the solid construction, strong modern lines, high quality, designed in 1964 by John and Sylvia Reid.

To keep with the modern mid century design you can paint them with solid colours and finish with lacquer for durability or can give a bit of distressing for a more vintage look.

Day 10 – Christmas wrap

Talking about gift wrapping, I am a bit crazy about brown craft paper. It’s my favourite, because they are simple but stylish with all the ribbons, ornaments and tags that you can add to make it very special.

Instead of buying those coloured christmas wrapping paper, make something more special and unique using craft paper and your imagination. To help you with that, here’s a bunch of pictures with infinite ideas, and for more inspiration just follow my board on Pinterest ‘Gift wrapping’

For those who believe that craft paper won’t fit your Christmas colour scheme, you can use different colour, like black, white, grey or any other colour actually, you just have to play around with ribbons, twine, tags and ornaments.