New Year, new colours for the home…

With the new year approaching is time to rethink about home and the space we live in. This year is all about nature.


Pantone colour of the year 2017 is Greenery, a fresh and zesty yellow-green that symbolise new beginnings. A refreshing and revitalising shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature revive, restore and renew.

Following the Pantone choice for the year, giants from the home paint industry like Dulux, Farrow & Ball, Crown and Craig & Rose followed with the natural shades from our blue planet.

Denim Drift by Dulux

Dulux colour of the year is the beautiful Denim Drift, the most adaptable shade that will fit into any interior style. Blue is all around us, in our everyday life. On the sky above us. On the sea that surround us. On clothes, cars and many other things that takes part in our modern lives. The colour palette to complement Denim Drift is full of blues, greys and off white.



Skyscapes is one of the trends for Crown Autumn/Winter colour scheme. This colour palette has  different tones of blue to represent the sky, greens for the watery tropical sea, and the dark & light shades of greys to for the cloud, mist and rockies. Skyscapes is all about tranquility of the natural landscape. If you complement with warm wood furniture the palette gives a smart contemporary look.


Back to Nature is the colour palette by Craig & Rose with rich tones found in nature, from burnt tones of orange and red, muted greens and blues, to yellows that remind us of sunny holidays.

Farrow & Ball Autumn/Winter colour palette Modern Organic has inspiration from the 50s and 60s with warm wood tones such as walnut and ash that will perfectly offset metallic brass. The natural shades of green, yellow and brown, will be complemented by the off white and the blush pink.

If you are thinking about updating your home with a new colour scheme, now is the perfect time to choose a palette with natural shades that will bring to your home a natural and relaxing feel.

Sources: Pantone,  Dulux, Crown, Craig & Rose and Farrow and Ball

Ideal Home Show, London

Student accommodation—give some style to it!

It’s not because you live only in a bedroom, in a shared home, or in a campus accommodation, that you have to neglect your room. You can have a well designed, decorated and organized room, and most important affordable.clip_image002

Bringing in some stylish décor accessories and modern furniture doesn’t necessarily has to break the bank. With some researching, planning, and a great eye for detail you can find amazing deals on high street stores, or online. Summer sale is here and it is time to make your hard money worth it.

Hiring a professional to help achieve that trend and stylish look is not that expensive like everybody think, and  helps you to make your money even more worth it.

Il Salone del Mobili – Milano – Italia

I arrived in Milan just a few weeks before the greatest design trade show in the world, and I unfortunally missed this great show of world design, but I didn’t miss the oportunity to search the tendencies and give my opnion about 2008 Design Trends.
Here the design is “a la vanguard”, starting from kitchens, where their modern/contemporary design with crisp lines, smoth finishing, mix of strong colours and natural tones, bianco & nero colour scheme, ultra modern appliances in stainless steel, create in us a desire to simple replan and buy another kitchen, even if you have a new one.
Moving to natural materials like wood, bamboo and fibres like straw, that emphasize the importance of green design in today’s homes; by the way, recycled carton is a great choice in green design furniture, like the modular bookcase “Bookstack 300” designed by the italian group A4A Design. Another good green choice is the room divider “Swell” designed by LN Boul per Vange, made of natural wood, extracted from protected forest.
Another tendency here are the exquisite forms and shapes in accessories and furnitures. Curves are the most used shape in the newest pieces of design; like the new lounge chair with stripped and curved wood framework by designer neozelandes David Turbridge. But also there are the tension and distortion in furniture that’s look like they passed for some kind of melting process; like the wood bookcase by Li Tianbing for Maison&Objet di Parigi and the table “Cinderella” in wood by Dutch designers Demakersvan e Jeroen Verhoeven.
The constructed pieces of furniture in cubes, squares and rectagles boxes pilled together is another tendendy; the best for me is the “Afrodite” designed by Tadao Hosino for Ligne Roset, a chest of drawers that allows you to create a great variety of effects and gives a sense of instability.
To close my list of favourite tendencies for this year, the beautifully and structurally upholtery pieces with capitonnè in white leather, as the favourite design colour unanimously, is the collection “Monseigneur” by Philippe Starck for Driade.
The tendencies are here, there, everywhere; lets give space for our taste, life style and necessity to guide us in our choices for a better life and home sweet home.
Il Salone del Mobili – from 16 to 21 April 2008 – Milano – Italy

Living with Mid-century Modern Style – 1920-1970

In recent years have become hugely popular mid-century modern furniture, textile, ceramics and accessories among those who appreciate this style and contemporary home. Its very easy to combine modern classics pieces designed by Eames, Jacobsen and Aalto with thrift-store finds and the best of contemporary design.

In order to create the Modern Retro look in your home you should know some familiarity with the trends, styles and objects of the Modern period. Even if you can’t afford an original piece, today you can find some re-editions as good as the originals and with a better price. You can also look out in your travels for unique, desirable and vintage items by an unknown designer or some piece unsigned that can give to your room a feeling that comes from the past.
The most classics and desirable pieces from Modern style:
Barcelona Chair by Mies Van der Rohe circa 1929
Lounge Chair & Ottoman by Charles and Ray Eames – 1956
LCW plywood chair by Eames – 1946
This post has been updated on 6th Mar 2015


Neo-Classical architecture was associated not only with the archaeological rediscovery of the glories of ancient Greece and Rome, but also with the ambitions of a new generation of European kings and emperors, who saw themselves as the inheritors of Classical civiliztion. They built on a titanic scale and with Herculean determination.

Arc de Triomphe, Paris 1836 – Monument

Somerset House, London 1786 – Government Building