How to hack your bullet journal with washi tape

I have started using a bullet journal in August last year and so far I’m really enjoying and able to keep my daily goals on track and manage my time more efficiently. The last year journal was more of a trial and error and a journal to try different spreads, tracks and see what would exactly work for me.

For this year, I’ve decided to buy a new journal to start the new year afresh and with a brand new notebook. I know some people prefer to continue using the same journal until all the pages are used, but as I said, the previous journal was a tryout and not quite beautiful to look at. Some spreads were quite messy and not very effective. The notebook itself was a very inexpensive one because I didn’t want to spend too much money on a very expensive notebook for the first time around, so I didn’t bother to finish all page. I can still use the remaining pages as tryouts and to test new spreads without messing with the new and current journal. I like a clean and beautiful journal, and who doesn’t?

Who doesn’t like to see all those beautiful bullet journals on Pinterest with effective spreads and skilled drawings, doodles, brush lettering, calligraphy and so on? But we all know that sometimes is quite hard to achieve them when we are preparing the spreads for the week ahead. Not all of us are very skilled in drawings or fancy letterings, etc. But one thing for sure that all of us can do, is a heck of a hack by using washi tapes.

These beautiful Japanese style adhesive and decorative tapes are the best way to hack your bullet journal with an A+. Today we can find an infinity of these tapes with drawings of buildings, landscape, lettering, plants, animals, prints of vintage newspapers and letters, daily life objects etc. You just have to use your imagination to apply them to your bullet journal and make those spreads a proud showing on Pinterest. Here below you can find the best that I have selected from my online shop.

  1. World famous buildings washi tape is perfect if you will be travelling and want to adorn your journal with drawings from the country you will be visiting. You can also use to create tags to mark a wall map with the places that you have been already.



2. Another great one for bullet journal are these wide washi tapes that come with 2 themes one with fashion items and the other with life products items. Fashion and Life Products washi tape is wide enough to cover your phone case or other home accessories as well.



3. One of my favourites so far is the Country Series washi tape with 20 variations, from building, furniture, plants, animals, clouds and other finishings to create a whole scenery in your bullet journal spread.



4. Another favourite is the Vintage Travel Map that is 20cm wide and you can use not only on your bullet journal but also for any decoration idea around the house. It’s perfect to cover any boring surface, ideal for a home office decor, to cover phone case or simply be applied to a wall.


Those are my 4 favourite ones, but there are plenty more available online. From fashion accessories to floral, ribbons, vintage newspaper, people and buildings, letterings, frames and much more. Just have a look at our online shop for more inspiration. Decorative tapes or Washi tapes are certainly a great alternative to decorate your journal, not only they are beautiful but very easy to use. In a matter of a few minutes, you can have beautiful spreads across your journal without wasting much time.


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