Spring in Paris Capsule wardrobe

I believe we are all longing for a warm weather to make us forget about this long freezing winter in Toronto. Spring is all that we are looking forward now, and I don’t know about you, but every time I hear the word spring, Paris comes to my mind. I think there is no better place then spend a few days in Paris, during the spring.

But, not always is possible to go to Paris, especially those living on the other side of the Atlantic. When I was in London it was much easier to go to Paris, not cheap, but easier. Now, that I’m in Toronto, I just have to imagine I’m in Paris and dress like it.

I’ve been rummaging my wardrobe and preparing already some outfits for spring, and nothing is better than the classics to start off. What is more Parisian than a Breton top, a trench coat and a scarf? Complement them with a pair of leopard flat, a great neutral tote bag and navy trousers or jeans. There you are, the perfect outfit for sightseeing or an afternoon tea/coffee with friends or shopping at the mall.

Spring in Paris



With some basic neutral pieces and a few colourful ones, you can create a great capsule wardrobe for spring. I went with beige, grey and navy as neutral, then I added the blush pink, royal blue, coral/red and yellow as my accents colours.
In this capsule wardrobe, I have 4 outerwear: 1 trench coat + 1 jacket + 1 cardigan + 1 spring coat. Then I’ve added 2 dresses, 4 trousers, 1 skirt, 6 tops, 4 shoes and 3 bags, but as the tote bag is also reversible giving you a total of 4 bags. Finally, I’ve added the accessories: jewelry, sunglasses, scarves and belt.

l-14 b

With 33 pieces, I’ve created so far 13 outfits, but there is still room to create plenty more outfits, I could practically match the skirt with all tops from the collection, they would all look great with the floral skirt. Just adding one nice sneaker and one solid colour heel shoes will also give me more options to create extra outfits. The neutral tote from JustFab is reversible and turns into a red tote, which is amazing, two bags in one.

How did I choose these colour scheme? Well, most of the colour I already have in my wardrobe. For instance, the yellow trousers and bag, the red top, the jeans obviously, everybody has one, the Breton top I also already own one, along with the leopard shoes, trench coat, red shoes, sneakers and a few more. So it makes easier to work with what you have already, to avoid spending too much money. There are three items from this collection that I will definitely buy them, the Royal Blue Lily coat from Avon, the Floral Plunge Skater dress from Topshop and the Ace Reversible Tote from JustFab in cognac/red

This is going to be the colour scheme for my spring wardrobe this year and I will create more outfits out of all those clothes. The idea is to have at least 2 or 3 neutral base colour and then choose your accent colour according to your style. Don’t forget to also play with texture. In my collection, I have silk, cotton, chunky cable knit, chiffon and jersey. The mixture of different fabric and weight gives an interesting layout. There are no rules to follow just your instinct, if it’s working for you, it’s good.

If you would like to have a close look at each outfit that I have created on Polyvore, please click here. See you next week.



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